Gheemazing Pure Ghee (Pink) 250 G.

Gheemazing Pure Ghee (Pink) 250 G.

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Gheemazing pure "desi" ghee is handmade in small batches. 

Why gheemazing isn't like other ghees? Its authentic ayurvedic ghee! and no, that isn't just some marketing claim like many others use. Gheemazing is acutally produced using the exact same methodology as prescribed in the original ayurvedic manuscripts. It's the real deal. It's made exclusively from the highest quality milk from grass fed pasture raised Dutch cows. The butter made from this milk is like also like no other because it's actually cultured butter which is slowly cooked in small batches to make gheemazing! 

Packed in airtight and sealed glass jars of 250 G.

Why choose us?

Highest Quality Ingredients

Dutch cows are world famous for their milk and butter. Gheemazing never sacrifices on its quality, and works with Dutch farmers.

Authentic, Traditional Ghee

We make our ghee using the traditional method as used in India for the last thousands of years. Following manuscripts we are for Ayurevda approved.

Absolutely Delicious - Gheelicious

We have a distinctive nutty and caramel flavour. Giving it complexity and sweey notes. Our Ghee has a grainy texture and tastes delicious!